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Promoting "Westchester's Best Kept Secret"

Greyston, a Yonkers-based social enterprise, simply wasn't getting the attention it deserved. Founded nearly 40 years ago, the organization pioneered Open Hiring - offering employment to anyone in need of a job with no questions asked. Comprised of a for-profit bakery and a nonprofit organization that provided the local community with workforce development and community wellness services, Greyston needed help in telling its story, raising its profile, and increasing donations and bakery sales.


Over the course of 13 months, Laura developed, managed, and implemented an integrated marketing communications strategy to improve the organization's collateral materials, e-marketing efforts, media outreach, and coordination with its peers in the social justice space.


At the conclusion of the assignment, Greyston's eblast open rate doubled, its LinkedIn followers doubled, and its Facebook and Instagram followers increased by 10% without the benefit of paid ads or pushes. Laura's work also contributed to a 25% increase in Giving Tuesday donations and a 10% increase in year-end giving. She also achieved a four-fold increase in earned media mentions over the previous year, with Greyston profiled across a variety of media, including USA Today, Forbes, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, and Scripps TV. In addition, Greyston executives were selected to participate in over 50 industry events and podcasts, a record for the organization.

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