Building a Dialogue With the Public:
Village of Scarsdale

The Village of Scarsdale (NY) needed to improve its reputation among residents after a controversial property tax revaluation. Confronted with outspoken opposition to rising taxes and increased dissatisfaction with village services, officials needed to act quickly to build a constructive dialogue with the public.   

Due to her communications expertise, Laura Halligan was named to the Scarsdale Ad Hoc Committee on Communications, charged with identifying opportunities to enhance officials' interaction with residents. Her work has included evaluating and editing the new Scarsdale website, drafting press releases and media articles, and collaborating with other committee members to develop a formal communications program.

A critical component of the plan was to publicize Scarsdale's effort to improve its relationship with residents; Pinch Hit Prose prepared press releases and articles for publication in local media. Laura continues to work with the village as a member of the new Scarsdale Advisory Council on Communications.

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